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Here at Automa.Net we support your industrial automation business. In 2022 we would like to invite all interested companies to Warsaw, Poland. It will be the best opportunity to meet hundreds of professionals from companies trading with automation products.

20 - 22 May 2022
Warsaw, Poland
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Meeting like no other!

Three Days of Powerful Talks
20-22 May 2022

The world has changed and we have adapted. Hundreds of hours later, all spent on video calls, many of us are still asking when will be the time we can get back to ‘normal’ and shake the hand again with our friends and business partners. With vaccination, efforts going well and the world reopening again we look to the future. In 2022 we have decided to hold a meeting so we can start doing business together, again. The event will be held in the Arche Hotel Krakowska in Warsaw, Poland.

How it will look like?

Imagine a 3-day networking meeting & expo event, without long speeches, presentations or other agenda items (apart from great food and coffee breaks!) - just pure networking and great time spent with your industry peers.


We will hold the event in Arche Hotel Krakowska in Warsaw, Poland in 1000 sqm hall. The hotel is located conveniently within a 15 min drive from Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW). The great thing about this event is that each attending company will have a small expo table or premium 9sqm stand , so you will always have a place where you can invite your guests or you will know where to go next to meet who you want to meet - isn't that great?! 


We will also offer you an app which will allow you to plan your event and schedule meetings before the event. 

Who can attend?


We organize the event primarily for companies trading with industrial automation products on a daily basis. We welcome distributors, wholesalers, webshops, marketplaces, brokers, dealers - basically every company who keeps a stock of industrial automation & electornic parts or procure them daily. We will also offer a couple of expo tables or premium stands for companies serving this audience, so ERP software providers, software houses specialising in working with industrial companies, associations, data companies.


Why you should attend

Our event will be a place where the industry meets and exchange ideas as well as make a lot of deals. This is where we will discuss the future of the industry. This is where we need you!
Why you really don’t want to miss this event?
  • Meet all these>> companies who are experts in their fields.

  • Meet all your business partners and new companies in one place.

  • Flexible, without-agenda networking which allows you to meet all your potential business partners from Europe. We have also planned some evening integration events!

  • An app to organize your meeting day, to get most out of your event.

  • You don’t need to run around the room looking for someone - each company has their own desk where you can find them.

  • Promote your products and services on your own stand.

  • Great venue, conveniently located 20 min from the airport.  

  • Visit Poland and Warsaw - strongly developing country and vibrant city in Europe.








Our Team

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